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Mrs. Anderson's Baking 13.5-Inch High Heat Spatula

Mrs. Anderson's high-heat spatula with flexible blade for mixing, cooking, scraping down mixing bowls, and reaching every drop at the bottom of jars. High-heat silicone blade (500-degrees Fahrenheit) with fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle; long handle reaches deep areas, keeps Hands safe from heat. Flexible blade with beveled edge hugs surfaces to scrape them clean; pointed tip digs into nooks and crannies; rounded corner cleans curved surfaces. Notched edge releases thicker ingredients quickly; fold in delicate ingredients, mix heavy batters or dough, work hot sugar for candy making, and more. Fully sealed, blade to handle, for better food safety; safe for nonstick cookware; strong, flexible, and durable; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

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