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Glass Egg Coddler 8.4 oz

The classic Wilhelm Wagenfeld design of 1933 is ideal for the preparation and presentation of coddled eggs.

An egg coddler is a glass or ceramic cup with a lid that is used to prepare a dish called coddled eggs. The eggs are soft-cooked and similar to poached eggs, but the eggs are cooked more slowly than a boiled egg. The lid is a secure top that either clamps on or screws on the dish/cup. The egg or eggs are broken into the buttered coddler and seasonings of your choice are added. The coddler is then closed with the lid and partially immersed in boiling water for a few minutes. When the eggs are cooked to the desired firmness, the coddler is lifted from the boiling water, the lid removed, and breakfast is served, in a lovely dish.

The Jenaer Glas brand has stood for functional, heat resistant glass ever since 1918. Thanks to their material properties, Jenaer Glas products are ideal for a wide range of uses. The benefits are clear:

  • Heat-resistant up to 842°F.
  • Can be refrigerated and deep frozen up to -95°F.
  • Resistant to changes in temperature.*
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning.
  • Absolutely flavour-neutral special glass.
  • Does not give off content substances and making it ideal for allergy-sufferers.
  • Does not discolor and offers maximum hygiene.

*no drastic temperature changes, eg. hot stove to refrigerator.

Made in China.

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