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Chef's Planet Grill & BBQ Mat

Grill & BBQ Mat,because food shouldn’t fall through the cracks.
A nonstick mat, for your grill, that prevents food from falling through the cracks. Never again will you dive your tongs into the grates to save a fallen shish kebab. Place delicate foods (fish, veggies, shrimp) on the mesh mat. They’ll cook to juicy perfection and your food won’t stick. Ah, grilling perfection. Things to love about our grill & bbq mat
• Reusable mat keeps food from sticking and falling through grates
• Use for grilling (and smoking) fish, shrimp, veggies, fruits and more
• For use on charcoal and gas grills
• Reusable on either side
• Dishwasher safe for simple clean-up
• Proudly made in the USA
• For use with indirect cooking only
Chef's Planet style # 727