SKU: 41221

Keurig Wood & Wire Carousel

Keep your favorite beverages organized and display more pods than ever before with the Keurig® Wood & Wire Carousel. The added capacity lets you store up to 49 K-Cup® pods in one convenient and eye-catching display, so your favorite beverages are always right at hand and ready to brew. 

Featuring an acacia wood base with premium matte black metal accents, the Keurig® Wood & Wire Carousel is a stylish sidekick for any Keurig® brewer. The expanded pod capacity of this carousel fits into a sleek and space-saving package, meaning you won’t need to sacrifice your counterspace to get the storage that you need. The effortless functionality of the rotating base offers the convenience and simplicity that Keurig® owners know and love, plus a modern wood and metal design that will complement any kitchen. 

Whether you love cocoa, coffee, tea or more, you can keep all your favorite beverages in one place with the Keurig® Wood & Wire Carousel.