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Le Creuset Corkscrew Lever w/Foil Cutter

This 21st century redesign of the original Herbert Allen lever corkscrew offers unrivaled performance, thanks to rigorous testing and patented rotation technology. The freestanding design, classic styling and smooth action showcase Le Creuset's legendary heritage and innovation. Le Creuset has earned the reputation for the world's ultimate lever model corkscrews which are endorsed by wine connoisseurs and discerning consumers. This model comes with an extra-strong screw with non-stick coating that opens 2000 wine bottles before it needs replacing.

Le Creuset Lever Models last up to five times longer than most competing models. Le Creuset complements its lever models with the famous patented 4-wheel foil cutter.

10-year guarantee.

  • Removes synthetic and natural corks with ease
  • Lasts 5 times longer than most competing models
  • Extra-strong spiral with non-stick coating opens 2000 wine bottles before it needs replacing
  • Includes patented 4-wheel foilcutter
  • Comfortable and stable grip, even on flanged bottles
  • 10-year warranty

Le Creuset of America Inc. style # LM250L-31

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